Garber has some unkind words about Columbus as he talks up CIncinnati

He [Garber] cited a lack of local support from fans and government in Columbus.

“You have a team down the road in Cincinnati that’s averaging over 20,000 fans a game,” Garber said. “The presentation that (FC Cincinnati majority owner) Carl Lindner and (FC Cincinnati GM) Jeff Berding made just the other day, it’s just hard to imagine they’re separated by 150 miles. It’s just incredible the difference between those two, and they’re playing in the lower division.”

He said he hasn’t seen concern among expansion cities about the possibility of teams moving out of the market because of the Columbus situation.

“The level of public support is significant,” he said of the four expansion candidates. “We haven’t seen that in Columbus.

“Maybe Columbus should look at what Detroit and Nashville and Cincinnati and Sacramento are doing and think, maybe if this thing is turned from where it was to where it needs to be, that the Crew might have been more successful.”

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