Agent/lawyer Bret Adams loses lawsuit vs George Karl

Adams and his history in the sports industry are relevant because of an open letter he published to Ginther and Fischer (see December 7, 2017).

Adams attempted to persuade the Court that it is standard in the industry for an agent to be paid through the duration of his client’s contract and employment term. Yet, he failed to submit any evidence beyond his own testimony.

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The MLS Expansion deadline is January 31, 2017

The league acknowledged ownership groups from 10 markets have publicly expressed interest in securing an MLS expansion team: Charlotte, Cincinnati, Detroit, Nashville, Raleigh/Durham, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa/St. Petersburg.

Interested expansion owners must submit applications by Jan. 31, 2017.  After review, a series of in-person meetings will take place during the first and second quarters of 2017.

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San Antonio officially submits expansion bid

The ownership group could be key for San Antonio, as MLS will be judging applications based on ownership, a stadium and community support. While San Antonio meets all the credentials, competition is stiff with 11 other cities promising brand new stadiums: Cities like San Diego, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Indianapolis.

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