Massive Report publishes hoax emails that show Dave Greeley’s and Anthony Precourt’s contempt

Referring to whether Greeley or Precourt (AP) would be at the game on October 31, Greely said:

““AP nor I will be there,” Greeley replied. “While AP has said he may never go back to CBus, he did not say it per se, but I kind of know it. I will be back in ATX.”

The hoaxer was surprised to receive a response and elected to continue the conversation.

“Probably for the best,” the hoaxer replied. “This Save the Crew thing is getting way more attention than I initially expected. I suspect you and AP feel the same?”

Greeley’s response: “Yes. We have done prelim analytics ­ very vocal minority making large share of noise. The irony is that this group ­ inch wide and a mile deep ­ is the one being let down by the broader community and corporations. PSV is the easy target. Kind of think we have not done well with getting facts and findings out there…what do you think?

On moving, this has not been a plot all along or an epiphany one morning. Few know why.”

Massive Report’s Analysis – “The takeaways from these e-mails are multiple. Greeley states Precourt, who was rumored to be at the knockout round win in Atlanta, may never come back to Columbus. He also says the plan was not always to move the team to Austin, nor was it a quick decision and left the door open for a potential savior for the team in Columbus.”

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