MLS in Austin reveals a new green logo that matches the one released later by Precourt/MLS

The MLS in Austin supporters group led by blogger Josh Babetski had inside information. They knew to change their logo to be green BEFORE the new green scarves and logo were released by MLS and PSV. This, combined with the “not public” knowledge they had in February from non-public Crew insiders, indicates that MLS in Austin may be an Astroturf organization, or at the very least has a source from w/in MLS and PSV.

From the blog on Oct 16: “We did come across this shade of green we liked as an accent color. It doesn’t really collide with any EPL teams, MLS teams, or will anger Aggie or Longhorn fans for being red or burnt orange. However, it does pair nice with many of their existing color palettes.”

Link to Original Source

More quotes from that blog post implying inside knowledge held by blogger Josh Babetski that was not yet public:

“A some point soon however, MLS themselves will be here on the ground and things could start to get confusing.”

“So once we attract a team to town, what then? Well, we’ve given that some thought” – why use “attract a team to town” … they don’t assume expansion, they assume relocation.

The post metadata establishes that it was published at 10:25pm UTC <meta property=”article:published_time” content=”2017-10-16T22:25:05.105Z”>.

22:25 UTC = 17:25 CDT – in other words, this was published at 5:25pm in Texas (daylight savings taken into account). By comparison, the first PUBLIC news was published over four hours later, by Grant Wahl on Twitter, at 9:51pm CDT (10:51pm on the east coast).

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