Anthony Precourt LOVES Columbus on the Massive Report Podcast

With the rebranding it was really about being authentically Columbus. It was about putting Columbus back in the badge. We play for Columbus… We feel really strongly about that, that tapping the civic pride of this community is important. I grew up in Denver, Colorado, really strong sense of civic pride around all their sports teams that was ingrained in me at a young age. That’s the plan, that’s my view, is that wearing the city flag and the colors was showing the community our commitment. We took our team roster photo down on the bridge with the backdrop of downtown and with Mayor Ginther. We take this seriously.

I’ll just say for the record, we weren’t doing this as a merch sales driving initiative. We’re doing this really, truly, authentically for Columbus to show our commitment to our city. That’s what we’re working every day to do. We’re trying to showcase local products in our stadium with the food and beverage experience. We’re trying to play for Columbus. We were the first team to win a professional championship for the city. We were the first club to build a soccer specific stadium for this city. So we’re just trying to highlight what we do for this city. We think it’s an emerging city, a millennial city. We think we’re a part of what’s happening in Columbus.

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