One Reply to “Morgan Hughes interviewed on BBC World Service about #SaveTheCrew”

  1. I believe that Morgan felt pressed for time so he kept it short and sweet but there is more detail to his answers. One of the big points that is being done is community awareness, both here in Columbus but also in Austin. We’re letting people know about the fact that this move has been planned since Precourt acquired the team in 2013 – with a clause in the purchase contract allowing a move to Austin and Austin only. We’re communicating the fact that the “business metrics” issue that Precourt is bringing up is pure fallacy and a detailed document was created that explained the low attendance this year, from lack of promotions early in the season to lack of marketing. It also showed the fact that business partnerships in the community for the Columbus Crew is strong compared to other teams. The movement also has shown that the “we need a stadium downtown” required from Commissioner Garber is bunkers as Nashville was just granted an expansion team with a stadium planned for the fairgrounds equally or more distant from their downtown than the Crew is from our own. It is a planned path to rid MLS of Columbus for whatever reason they may have, no matter the history of this team. The founder, Lamar Hunt, must be turning in his grave if he’d see what is being done with the franchise he so much loved. #SaveTheCrew

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