Pinto da Silva of Austin Aztex organization trademarks “Austin Bold FC”


IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, organizing, and conducting soccer games and exhibitions; educational services, namely, providing instructional clinics, camps, workshops and seminars in the field of soccer; fan club services; organizing, arranging, and conducting soccer exhibitions; provision of entertainment in the nature of non-downloadable pre-recorded film clips from soccer games, presented via mobile communication devices; provision of information in the field of soccer via the internet and mobile devices; entertainment services comprising soccer competitions and exhibitions; Entertainment and educational services in the nature of ongoing television and radio programs in the field of soccer and rendering live soccer games and exhibitions; the production and distribution of radio and television shows featuring soccer games, soccer events and programs in the field of soccer; conducting and arranging soccer clinics and camps, coaches clinics and camps, and soccer games; entertainment services in the nature of personal appearances by a costumed mascot or dance team at soccer games and exhibitions, clinics, camps, promotions, and other soccer-related events, special events and parties; entertainment services, namely, providing a website featuring multimedia material in the nature of television highlights, video recordings, video stream recordings, interactive video highlight selections, radio programs, radio highlights, and audio recordings in the field of soccer; providing news and information in the nature of statistics and trivia in the field of soccer; providing online computer games; electronic publishing services, namely, publication of magazines, guides, newsletters, coloring books, and game schedules of others on-line through the Internet, all in the field of soccer; providing an online computer database in the field of soccer; Providing a website featuring information in the field of soccer.

(APPLICANT) Pinto da Silva, Roberto INDIVIDUAL BRAZIL 8604 Priest River Drive Round Rock TEXAS 78681

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